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Our Philosophy

NPC language department has embarked on a new teaching process that has adopted drastic changes on various levels, and which has been manifested through the reduction and change in nature of homework assignments, integration of subject courses, focus on students' linguistic performance, and the radical changes in studying habits.

To avoid any ambiguity and to reinforce the critical role of parents' involvement in the learning process, the language department has deemed it necessary to present NPC's language teaching vision and stages.

1—Nature of language teaching:

Teaching languages completely differs from teaching any other subject, since languages are at the core of these subjects. Consequently, a better command of the language enhances the students' performance in Math, Sciences, Sociology, Economics, and Philosophy, and drives students to continuously incorporate language skills throughout their academic year. It is also crucial to understand that the new approach is a slow and painstaking process whose benefits will be reaped very gradually, but also very steadily.

2—Language teaching objectives:

The main underlying objective behind teaching languages is the building of communication skills, which include oral expression, writing, and reading comprehension. Hence, dictation, grammar, and vocabulary serve only as tools that enable students to master the language.

The other minor objective, the official exams, is considered less demanding of the enormous efforts invested by both teachers and students, and is the unprompted outcome of the first objective.

3—Teaching strategies:

NPC's teaching strategy promotes the ultimate desired goal of language teaching and is based on the following:

·        Proceeding from the text as a whole to the rest of the components.

·        Preplanning according to level objectives, as well as to previous, current, and following class objectives.

·        Careful selecting of material that targets all linguistic and literary prerequisites.

·        Implementing the language as the sole method of class communication.

·        Emphasizing on class work and student centered activities, whereby the teacher becomes a facilitator and implementer who monitors students' progress and development.

·        Integrating various advanced audio-visual equipment to improve the quality of class work.

·        Adopting various assessment approaches, also known as alternative assessment, which include, apart from the standard written tests, projects, researches, term papers done either individually or through group work.

·        Strongly emphasizing on critical thinking skills as the sound and solid foundation for reading comprehension and creative writing which nurture the students' intellectual development in an open-minded and welcoming atmosphere.




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