Honor Roll
b. Exemptions from Final Exams

With the exception of students in grades 9 and 12, students who maintain Honor Roll status during both Terms I and II are eligible for exemption from Term III final exams. The following conditions apply:

  1. There are no exemptions for Math and all students must sit for a final exam in Math..
  2. Students Must maintain good conduct during the term.
  3. Term III daily overall average must be sufficient to maintain Honor Roll status.
  4. While a Term I Honor Roll designation of Honorable  Mention is sufficient, a Term II designation of Distinction or High Distinction is required.
  5. Exemptions for grades 4 & 5are limited to subjects in which the student achieves a minimum  Term III daily grade of 90% except for languages (Arabic,  English, and French) where a minimum grade of 85% is sufficent, while grade 6-11 students must achieve a minimum Term III daily grade of 85% in each subject except for languages (Arabic, English, and French) where a minimum grade of 80% is sufficient.
  6. Students will still have to sit for exams in subjects in which they did not achieve the required grade.
  7. Eligible students may choose not to be exempted if they want to raise their grades even higher. The new grade will be counted even if it does not help the student achieve the desired result.



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