Special Education

A.    What is Special Education?

Special education services are services, required by the law, and provided by the school. Special education helps children who have learning difficulty or disability, speech delay, problem with attention, or other disability to become successful in school.

B.     Who are we?

The Apprentice-NPC Center aims at serving the students to help them improve and develop their cognitive, academic and linguistic skills.

The Special Education Team (SET) is a collaborative team of teachers who are responsible for helping students with special education needs develop and improve their skills.

C.    What do we do?

We offer a variety of services: consulting; intervention; assessment; modification; accommodation.

We work in collaboration with the student’s class teachers to ensure the student receives all necessary information in tailored methods.

We provide not only intervention programs but also parental and student consultancy and psycho-educational assessments

S.E.T. Team

1.      Mrs. Mirlanda Jamous Hoyek is our Arabic teacher. She has a teaching diploma (TD) in languages and Science. She has experience in homeroom teaching for elementary classes.  She has also taught Arabic, French and Science for intermediate classes. Currently, she works with intermediate and secondary students as an Arabic teacher and she prepares them for the official exams. In addition, she does Arabic Screening. She applies the حروفي الأولى method to help students gain knowledge about letters and sounds.


2.      Ms. Janette Al-Zouki is our English teacher. She has an MA in Educational Psychology. She works in the assessment field. She helps students with phonics and phonemic awareness. She administers psycho-educational assessments. She also holds parental and teacher meetings to discuss student’s academic and behavioral performance.



3.      Mrs. Rima Daou Abou Aakar is our Arabic teacher. She has an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Program) Certificate. Currently, she helps the students in the phonics and phonemic awareness in both languages Arabic and English. She applies the حروفي الأولى method to help students gain knowledge about letters and sounds. In addition, she does Arabic Screening.  

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